Earlier this month, John Pecman published a highly topical article in Competition Policy International on the dominance and durable market power that Big Tech companies are said to have in today’s economy and on the responses from international competition agencies titled “Dethroning the Digital Platform Champions”.

“One has to applaud the success of the so-called “Tech Superstars”, often referred to as “GAFA” (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple). The great innovations they have developed for consumers and businesses alike contribute significantly to Canada’s gross national well-being. Their collective success should be admired both by those of you who believe in the power of capitalism to grow the economy and by those of you that believe the most innovative and efficient companies, those that invest and take risks, should reap the rewards, along with their shareholders, for having tipped the “winner takes all” race….

… Increasing concentration in many sectors is a result of growing economies of scale which results in larger, more efficient firms as opposed to smaller ones. Quite rightly, competition authorities worry about, and are empowered to take action against, companies with market power who engage in anti-competitive behavior to maintain or enhance their market power….”

To read more, visit: https://www.competitionpolicyinternational.com/dethroning-the-digital-platform-champions/